Paddy Wagon Food Truck Review: Discovering the Best of Columbus’ Food Truck Scene

Paddy Wagon is a Columbus, Ohio food truck known for its creative menu and flavorful foods. They feature a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and tacos, all made from scratch using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The truck (and menu) has a fun law enforcement theme with clever names and vehicle graphics.

So whenever Paddy Wagon shows up at our office, I try to take advantage of their visit along with other area food trucks.

In this review, I share my latest experience with the Paddy Wagon crew and the food they prepare.

Featured Item: The 15 to Life Brisket Sandwich

Paddy Wagon Food Truck Beef Brisket

On their last visit, I ordered the 15 to Life, which consists of a barbecue beef brisket sandwich, chips and dill pickle.

The sandwich, contains tender beef brisket over a bed a cole slaw on a steak bun. (Pictured below)

Under the sandwich and paper were the chips and pickle (not shown).

While I had the 15 to life, they do have several other meals available. My previous selections were the chicken wraps, more specifically the Billy Club chicken wrap and the Hot Pursuit chicken wrap.

The Billy Club chicken wrap contains chicken, applewood bacon, cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes, mixed greens and their five-ohhh sauce. The Hot Pursuit chicken wrap contains buffalo chicken, cayenne cream cheese, caramelized onions, and mixed greens.

A coworker of mine, ordered the Bourbon Glazed Brisket Tacos and stated that he really enjoyed them. I have not tried the 3rd Degree Grilled Cheese, the Port Authority Pineapple Tacos or the BigHouse Salad. I will have to try them on a future visit. Paddy Wagon visits our location every couple of months as do several other area food trucks per an arrangement with our office location.

Paddy Wagon Food Truck Menu - Columbus
Paddy Wagon Menu – Menu and Prices shown are from 3/6/2023

Paddy Wagon Food Truck Review

My food was prepared on the spot, and was hot and delicious. The person taking my order was super friendly. He was energetic and greeted everyone around and then thanked me by name upon picking up my order. Portion sizes were generous, and fair. The whole experience was top notch!

Prices were reasonable as compared to other food trucks in the area. Prices ranges on the low side of $8.00 for the 3rd Degree Grilled Cheese which has caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, Five-Oh sauce with a dill pickle and kettle chips up to the 15 to Life Beef Brisket Sandwich which was $14.00, but also my recommendation if it is your first time.

With each meal you can choose to make it a bowl, or add other toppings.

Overall, if you see the Paddy Wagon Food Truck, and you are hungry, I highly recommend checking them out! It has certainly become one of my favorite food trucks in Columbus. They even provide catering services for weddings or any large event you have.

For more information, and their schedule, you can check out their website here: Paddy Wagon Food Truck – Columbus, Ohio

Paddy Wagon Food Truck in Columbus, OH
Paddy Wagon Food Truck – Columbus, OH