Best Soccer Bars in Columbus: Where Fans Go To Watch And Enjoy

If you’re a die-hard soccer fan or just looking for a unique, energetic atmosphere to watch a game while enjoying a few appetizers and an adult beverage, you will want to check out the best soccers bars Columbus has to offer. Yes, yes, we know the rest of the world calls it football, but let’s call it soccer today. Ok?

Columbus has always had a deep-rooted love for sports, and soccer is no exception. After all, we are home to the Columbus Crew and have passionate fans for other Major League Soccer (MLS), collegiate or national teams.

So we have rounded up several local sports bars and pubs where you can check out the next World Cup or the occasional international or MLS match. This city’s love for soccer is infectious, and we’re here to ensure you catch the fever!

Fado Irish Pub

While Fado Irish Pub is located at the Easton Town Center, you will feel like you are at a local pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Why I like Fado Irish Pub

Fado tops my list of the best soccer bars in Columbus due to the overall pub feel, large TVs, and a published viewing schedule of which games are on. When I worked on the East side of Columbus, near Easton, we often hit them up for lunch or the occasional Happy Hour.

Fados has a fun vibe. Everything from its food, lively crowd, and Irish-themed decorations make it look and feel like an authentic Irish pub. When crowded or during busy times, it feels a little cramped and can get noisy. But then again, so are most Irish pubs. I guess it is part of the experience.

Fado Pub serves the traditional pint of Guinness, but they also feature a wide variety of Irish and European Beers, Ciders, and Irish whiskey. Their Irish and European beer selections are plenty and I recommend trying the following if you haven’t: Harp, Carlsberg (a European Pale Lager from Denmark), Sullivan’s Irish Red, and Smithwicks Amber Red.

Again, there are numerous other selections if those don’t catch your attention.

Photo Credit – Fado Facebook

Fado Food and Drink Recommendations

If you want something more local, Fado serves classic and craft beers, ciders, whiskeys, cocktails, and non-alcoholic choices. Drink-wise, there is something for everyone.

For food, Fado serves a wide variety of classic pub food. For appetizers, I like their jumbo wings, which are flash fried to order and come in various flavors, from mild to very spicy. I love to order chicken wings from all kinds of places around Columbus and Fados are up there with some of the best.

The big, bavarian soft pretzel with cheese sauce and corned beef rolls are pretty good too.

For main entrees, I tend to get the classic Fish and Chips. I have also had Shepherd’s Pie, and while good, Shepherd Pie is not at the top of my list when eating out, regardless of where I go.

When I am looking for something other than Fish and Chips, my go-to when I come here, I like the Fado Pub burger and Guinness Mac and Cheese as alternatives.

Photo Credit – Fado Facebook

Tips for game days at Fado

Get there early.

Fado is not a large restaurant; it gets packed during the more popular matches, especially Crew Games or the World Cup. You will want to grab your spot early, especially if you are coming with a large crowd. Fado is not the best place for large groups, especially if you show up at the last minute wanting a spot.

Ask your server about food and drink specials.

Fados often feature drink and food specials during big games and soccer matches, and many fans come in groups to cheer on their favorite teams.

Address: 4022 Townsfair Way Columbus, OH 43219 • (614) 418-0066

Endeavor Brewing and Spirits

Endeavor, featured recently in our list of best microbreweries in Columbus, really shines when it comes to being known as one of the area’s best soccer bars. Honestly, it could easily be the #1 spot if you only cared about watching soccer.

When it comes to soccer, you can usually find a match on one of their big-screen TVs.

And, during MLS Season, you can join one of their Columbus Crew watch parties or check out one of their trivia nights. They will usually stay open if the game extends past their closing time.

Photo Credit: Endeavor Brewing – Facebook

Why I like Endeavor

Endeavor is a chill place. They have a large patio and friendly staff. Most days, you don’t feel crammed in a tiny restaurant, which I dislike about Fados. You can bring your dog, and they have an outdoor fire pit for those cool nights!

The downside is that they don’t serve food. Some nights they will have a food truck, but I like to eat when I drink and watch sports, so appetizers or food would be a massive draw for me.

But the beer is cold, they make their own spirits, and everyone is friendly. It has that neighborhood bar vibe that makes you feel welcome.

Photo Credit: Endeavor Brewing – Facebook

Address: 909 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43212 • (614) 732-0086