Fall Fun: The Best Places to Pick Apples
Near Columbus, Ohio

Every fall, many families flock to local apple orchards to fill baskets with juicy, often pesticide-free fruits that taste fresher than any variety you could find at a grocery store. From spending time outdoors to enjoying the smells of the farms, including apple cider cooking in copper kettles, there is much to love about this yearly tradition.

Central Ohio is home to some pretty fantastic orchards that are worth visiting. Look no further than this list of the best places to pick apples near Columbus to plan your next adventure.

CherryHawk Farm Apple Orchard

An easy drive from the city, CherryHawk Farm Apple Orchard is one of the best places to pick apples near Columbus. This lovely spot aims to give an old-fashioned experience to its visitors with ample parking, dozens of apple varieties, and a friendly staff. Animal lovers will delight in petting their friendly cat, Patches.

Prices tend to be higher during Honeycrisp season, so be sure to call ahead if you need to stick to a budget. You can bring your own containers or buy a basket at the farm for a discount on your next apple-picking adventure. Please note that, like in many other orchards, dogs are not allowed.

Address: 16220 Springdale Rd, Marysville, OH 43040 • (937) 642-6442

Photo Credit: CherryHawk Farm Apple Orchard

Branstool Orchards

Next up on the list of the best places to pick apples near Columbus is Branstool Orchards. This highly-rated farm has a lot to offer, including peaches, pumpkins, jams and preserves, apple cider donuts, and activities for kids.

Their friendly lab often enjoys keeping apple pickers company, and they hold an annual Spring Blossom 5K Trail Run that benefits their chosen charity. Call in advance to check if they have a food truck on the day of your visit or pack a picnic and make it a day trip!

Address: 5895 Johnstown-Utica Rd NE, Utica, OH 43080 • (740) 892-3989

Photo Credit: Branstool Orchards

Lynd Fruit Farm

Lynd Fruit Farm is one of the best places to pick apples near Columbus because, in addition to the large variety of fruit they offer, they also boast fun activities like the Apple Cannon where you get to shoot apples at a target, and a corn maze. You can also rent the place for special events and birthdays.

They have a minimum purchase of one bag of apples at the orchard and one pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, but you are allowed to eat apples as you go along. Many families enjoy picnicking among the trees, so be sure to bring lunch!

Address: 9399 Morse Rd SW, Pataskala, OH 43062 • (740) 927-8559

Photo Credit: Lynd Fruit Farm

Legend Hills Orchards and Farm Market

While the apple-picking experience is enough to warrant a trip to Legend Hills Orchards and Farm Market, they offer a lot more than that, including peaches, tomatoes, cheeses, meat, Amish products, and more.

Legend Hills has been owned for five generations now and has fine-tuned the art of managing hundreds of acres while ensuring families have fun every fall. They offer 25 varieties of apples with a full calendar on their website so you can plan your trips based on your favorite ones.

Address: 11335 Reynolds Rd, Utica, OH 43080 • (740) 892-2498

Photo Credit: Legend Hills Orchards

Lawrence Orchards

With over 20 varieties of apples and even local honey and maple syrup, Lawrence Orchards is one of the best plaes to pick apples near Columbus and is definitely worth the trip! Don’t miss out on their unpasteurized apple cider between September and Christmas. They also have adorable farm animals, including rabbits, pigs, and goats, that are a favorite with the kids.

If you want to make a day of it, be sure to check out their Applefest for hayrides, music, pony rides, and more, or their Saturday activities with a food truck at lunchtime. Or enjoy their yearly Applebutter and Horseradish Day where they cook apple butter in a copper kettle over an open fire and grind their horseradish crop.

Address: 2634 Smeltzer Rd, Marion, OH 43302 • (740) 892-2498

Photo Credit: Lawrence Orchards

Reaver Farms Orchard

From apples to pears to peaches, there is much to pick from at Reaver Farms Orchard. Their farm store also offers honey, corn in season, eggs, and more. As one of the best places to pick apples near Columbus, this beautiful orchard makes you feel welcome with its friendly staff, complimentary apple cider or peach slushy, and activities for kids. Don’t miss the friendly farm cats who are always up to be petted!

Address: 1851 Summerford Rd, South Charleston, OH 45368 • (740) 852-2765

Photo Credit: Reaver Farms Orchard

Joanna Steven